½ kg is flesh cuts little box
2 btg serai is contused
4 lbr lemon leafs
2 lbr salam leafs
2 cm alpina galanga is contused
2 cloves
2 pekak leaf
2 cardamoms
1 ltr water

Condiment to poach flesh is grounded:
2 garlics
1 sdt coriander
1 sdt salt

Gravy condiment is grounded:
8 red onions
5 garlics
3 cm turmerics
1 sdt merica
salt at sufficiently

Fitted out:
Red crisply
Celery leaf / onion leaf
Onion fries
Sambal is chilli tingles

Trick makes:
Poach flesh with condiment to poach flesh until soft. Flesh lift and sets apart its bouillon. Then flesh shirring until as black. Cook ground gravy condiment with serai, orange leaf, salam leaf until fragrance . Insert into flesh bouillon, add clove, cardamom, alpina galanga and pekak leaf, cook until boiling again. Dish soto with auxiliary another in a state warming.


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